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REPOST: Some Antiques

Alright, as promised I’m adding a few of my older assets on here.
These things are all five years and older by the time of this writing, but I’m still getting a fair share of emails from people using the character rigs, so I guess there is some demand at least.


Please note here that all of those character rigs were created with fairly old Maya versions. The basic functionality should still be there, but many of the MEL commands have changed since the creation of those files. In essence that means that although the rigs are all still functional, the UI window will no longer work.


All of the controls are available in the various control objects, but the ease-of-use that the UI window offered is no longer operational.


I’d love to create some more elaborate character rigs such as those in the future, and will probably do so eventually, but I have very little hope that I will ever find the time or the desire to update these older rigs to run on newer software.


Take it as it is and feel free to send me any questions you might have, but that’s about all the technical support I can offer for those antiques.




A female melee-fighter with some nifty rig controls.



Some demon-like creature, designed as the fighting partner for the melee fighter linked to above.
Pretty standard rig with added wings and such and some animated textures for the fire.



Guess what…it’s Wolverine. Including a standard, no-thrills character rig.



Concept character for an Unreal level I was toying around with. The big hard-drive crash of ‘05 destroyed most of the work and so only two characters survived, this being one of them.



The other surviving character for the Unreal level. Pretty straight forward rig with a few nifty extras like particle-based shell expulsion from the shotgun, if I remember correctly.



A very low-res character rig with a few neat features like multiple uniforms and faces, weapon controls and a lot more. I also made a pdf back in the days about the workflow I used creating this.
If you’re interested, you can check it out here.



A low-res character based on a game concept that’s been in the back of my head for many years now (as of this writing, it still is, albeit drastically changed).
pretty standard character rig but some rather cool (if I may say so myself) controls for the various weapons.



One of the earliest rigs I’ve done, and in many ways still one of my favorites. Pretty basic design compared to later rigs, but the long sleepless nights I spend writing the scripts are still a somewhat fond memory of mine. Comes with Kia (the girl) and Yakumo (the dog).



This one was actually done as a favor for a friend of mine. He got this art test to animate a BMX rider for an art-test, and optionally creating a rig for the mesh they send him. I offered to rig it for him, so here’s the result. There’s multiple pivot settings for the wheels and other neat things, and I’ve seen people animate some nice tricks with this rig.



This is my very first character rig I did for a class in fall of 2004. The rig has a facial setup similar to the one described in the STOP STARING book, it uses a lot of blendshapes, has automated/manual breath and tail controls and some other fun features. I fixed some stuff from the original file and added my trademark User Interface.


Again, use those rigs whatever way you like, but be aware that some things just won’t work anymore without some heavy re-scripting. If you do use them, please send me a link to your work so I can see those boys and girls in motion.

And please don’t laugh at the texture work - I know it sucks but hell, back in those days I only got started in zBrush and can you believe I painted all those textures (including zBrush) with A MOUSE???



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