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Golden Gun (Part 2)

Another update on the Desert Eagle I’ve been busy modeling.
I have to say that after the work I did so far I have increased respect for weapon artists - the challenges in creating those hard surfaces are quite a change of pace from the more organic objects I’m more accustomed to creating.


I created the normal maps with a combination of high-resolution zBrush models and added finer details in Crazybump with textures I created in PhotoShop. It’s been a fun project so far, although some of the more tedious tasks like the UV mapping and optimizing the mesh to find the middle ground between a light mesh and little to no shading artifacts were quite a test of patience.


As it stands, the gun is made up of several moving parts like the trigger, hammer, safety switch and the whole casing as well as a magazine and a default bullet with just around 4.500 triangles altogether. I would have liked to have the mesh a lot lighter, but with all the details I wanted the gun to have it just wouldn’t go any lower without compromising the normal maps.
In terms of textures, the gun uses one 1024×1024 normal map for the bulk and an additional 512×256 map for the magazine and the bullet.


The screenshots are just simple Maya viewport grabs with a default Blinn material plus normal maps and the last image is a quick mock-up with only the basic colors blocked out using the dated yet still excellent fake-BRDF shader by Brice Vandemoortele.


Obviously, there’s still a lot of work to be done creating a proper color map as well as adding even finer normal map details and the specular and gloss maps. For a foray into rather unexplored territory with this gun I am quite happy with the result so far.


(The images are quite big, so double-click to see them in full-size or use your mouse-wheel to zoom)

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