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Golden Gun

It’s been a while since there was an update, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy. Lots of different models are in the making and while my latest organic project is undergoing revisions and layers of rework I started yet another mesh in the form of a hard-surface model.


This particular model should eventually compliment the character I’m working on, although I started it mostly as a means to keep my hands busy while my mind was thinking about the next steps.


It’s a gold-plated Desert Eagle, and although I tried to get as many good references as I could I still didn’t get as many proper angles as I would have liked of the same MODEL of the gun, and China’s great Internet blockage certainly wasn’t helping my case.
So, for now I will just pretend that it’s a custom made weapon to explain away the parts and details that I was forced to make up.


State of work is that I finished the high-resolution model in a way that I can add the finishing touches in z-Brush before I bake the details onto a more game-environment friendly poly mesh.
The screens are straight from z-Brush with just the default mesh imported and the hard edges set - no smoothing yet, so certain parts appear a bit faceted right now.


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