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Polycount Brawl 2011 - Sonic - Part 2

Here’s a quick update on my Polycount BRAWL character.


I started detailing the equipment over a rather basic bodymesh and have been slowly working my way up.
It’s been going a lot slower than I was hoping for, in part because life happened outside, in part because it took me a while to settle on any particular design for the pieces i was modeling.


I must have modeled ten different shoes before i found one I liked, and the pads have been no different either.
Anyway, I still have to add the face and the helmet, and then it’s over to zBrush to add the finer details.
It’s still looking a bit off in terms of proportions and such but that will be addressed once I can actually sculpt on the mesh.


So here’s a few screens of the mesh in wireframes and smooth-shaded.


The last screen is the mesh just about finished in Maya.
I added the helmet, tweaked and cleaned up some other elements and changed the proportions to make him about half a head shorter and a bit stockier.
Next stop: zBrush.


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