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Polycount Brawl 2011 - Sonic

So the guys over at Polycount started a competition called the BRAWL.

You can head over yourself and read up on the rules but just as a quick recap, it’s basically to take any fighter from any fighting game ever and re-imagine him or her.
To spice things up a little, and to try to go down a route that I haven’t explored much I chose to try something different.

Instead of choosing a great character and make him even cooler I went the exact other way and take a character and have present him at his figurative rock-bottom.
And fighter is a pretty loose term in this case, since I chose Sonic the Hedgehog and re-interpret him as an old and washed-up guy trying to rekindle the fire of his youth by putting on a costume that no longer fits.

You can read the story and a lot more details over in my thread at Polycount.

For now here’s just the few rough idea sketches I came up with to zero in on the design.

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