m.s.r. kiessling - 3d character artist

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divider Human Female Paladin and Orc Warrior
A recent character project with a design based on a popular gaming franchise.
The challenge was to create the characters with a very low polygon budget and only limited texture space.

divider Age of Conan ™ Armors
A number of armors I created for the Age of Conan game.
These are renders used for marketing at one point or another and are all using the in-game models and textures.
I did all the modeling, texturing and skinning, and in many cases a hefty dose of concept interpretation as well.

AoC: Scarlet Circle
AoC: Barbarian
AoC: Range
AoC: Tempest of Set
AoC: Assassin
AoC: Bear Shaman
AoC: Guardian
AoC: Assassin
AoC: Warrior

divider Age of Conan ™ Armors - In-depth
A few of the armors I made for Age of Conan under a more behind-the-scenes light.